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    123rd Annual Session
    123rd Annual Session General Update
    Tentative Agenda, Registration & Fees, Housing & Transportation Info
    (see next article for Election Process information)
    September 1 – 5, 2003
    Chicago, Illinois

    Click here for a printable form.(Or "Read on..." for other ways to obtain a form.)

    President’s Welcome Message
    I trust that you have marked your calendars for the 123rd Annual Session of the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc. in the “Windy City” of Chicago, Illinois. We last sex dating visited Chicago in 1987 and prior to that 1973, 1955, 1942, 1933, 1924, 1915 and free sex meet 1905. What a glorious history we National Baptists are blessed to enjoy. We plan on a week full of high spirited activities and services. You will not want to miss free sex dating the opportunity to meet, greet, network, worship and learn. Additionally, you will not free sex sites want to miss this historical session as I step down from office and we elect a new leader.

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    Presidential Election Process
    Presidential Election Process for Voting in Election 2003
    (123rd Annual Session)

    Each Eligible Church shall receive a maximum of 10 Votes. Each Association and State Convention shall receive a maximum of one vote.

    Eligible Churches, Associations and State Conventions are those that registered in one of the last three calendar years:

    2000, 2001 or 2002 (via Annual Session enrollment, Winter Board enrollment, Summer Board enrollment or CAP;) and that register for the 2003 annual session through the process outlined by the NBCA, Inc. Election Commission.

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    Foreign Missions - GHANA FIELD REPORT
    May/June 2003

    Mission travelers:

    Rev. John C. Raphael Jr., Exe. Dir. F.M.B
    Rev. Kenneth Sampson, Board Member F.M.B.
    Deacon Charles Livas, Dir. F.M., N.H.B.C., N.O., LA.

    Trip Objectives:
    1. Inspect the progress on the new churches being constructed with funds provided by N.B.C.A Churches.
    2. Inspect the progress on the Dr. E. Edward Jones Polytechnic School and Seminary.
    3. Meet with Mission Pastors
    4. Deliver medicines and medical supplies to the J.C. Sams Hospital.

    Entire Article Located under Ministry Objectives/Convention Boards/Foreign Missions...

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    Special events and impressive moments somehow make time stand still and are long remembered. The week we gathered to conduct Kingdom business in Atlanta was one of those special events that  will long be remembered.
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    2003 Conventions

    Click on the "read on" link below for more information on

    National Baptist Convention meetings in 2003.
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    A Message From President Jones


    September 2003, in Chicago will mark the end of an era—my presidential administration.
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    Saturday, August 02

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